MP4混流封装工具(My MP4Box GUI)汉化绿色版

My MP4Box GUI 是知名命令行工具 mp4box 的图形用户界面,是免费软件。MP4Box 是 MP4 多路复用器(混流、封装工具)。它可将 MPEG-4 视频(H.264 或 ASP,例如用 x264、DivX、Xvid、3ivx 或 FFmpeg 编码)和音频流导入 MP4 容器。最终生成的结果是符合 ISO 要求的 MP4 流。它还可通过导入字幕格式(例如 srt)生成 MPEG-4 分时文本流。它还可将 MP4 文件分割为多个部分,这在将文件传输到便携式媒体播放器时很有用。合并与分割。


* 创建包含以下内容的 mp4 文件:

– 以 m4v、cmp、h264、264、h263、263 作为输入格式或来自 avi、mpg、mpeg、vob、mp4、mov、ogg、qcp 和 3gp 格式的视频流。

– 以 aac、ac3、amr、awb、evc、mp3 作为输入格式或来自 avi、mpg、mpeg、vob(仅适用于 mp2)、mp4 和 3gp 格式的音频流。

– 具有 srt、idx/sub 和 ttxt 格式的字幕流。

* 可将最多 20 首曲目添加到 mp4 文件。

* 分别延迟每个音频或视频轨道。

* 更改添加的视频帧率。

* 保存以后要完成的工作列表。

* 合并支持的文件(mp4、3gp)端到端连接合并。

* 分离支持的文件(mp4、avi、mov、ts、idx/sub、srt)转换为原始格式。

* 提示轨道就绪流。

* 按大小或持续时间分割文件。例如 700mb CD 或 60 分钟。

此汉化版由 th_sjy 汉化分享


v0.6.0.6 汉化绿色版下载:城通:    (访问密码:336307)


My mp4box GUI is a well-known command-line tool mp4box graphical user interface, is free software. Mp4box is a MP4 multiplexer (mixed stream, encapsulation tool). It can import MPEG-4 Video (H.264 or ASP, such as x264, DivX, XviD, 3ivx or ffmpeg encoding) and audio stream into MP4 container. The final result is a MP4 stream that meets ISO requirements. It can also generate MPEG-4 time-sharing text stream by importing subtitle format (such as SRT). It also splits MP4 files into multiple parts, which is useful when transferring files to portable media players. Merge and split.

All functions:

*Create an MP4 file that contains the following:

– video streams with m4v, CMP, h264, 264, H263, 263 as input formats or from avi, mpg, MPEG, VOB, MP4, MOV, Ogg, QCP and 3gp formats.

– audio streams with AAC, AC3, AMR, AWB, EVC, MP3 as input formats or from avi, mpg, MPEG, VOB (MP2 only), MP4, and 3gp formats.

– subtitle stream with SRT, IDX / sub and ttxt formats.

*Up to 20 tracks can be added to the MP4 file.

*Delay each audio or video track separately.

*Change the frame rate of the added video.

*Save the list of work to be done later.

*Merging supports end-to-end connection merging of files (MP4, 3gp).

*Separate the supported files (MP4, avi, MOV, TS, IDX / sub, SRT) into the original format.

*Prompt for track ready flow.

*Split files by size or duration. For example, 700 MB CD or 60 minutes.

This Chinese version is written by th_ Sjy Chinese sharing

Note that in the advanced options, to understand the function of each switch, first click the "?" in the upper right corner of the window No. and then click the relevant switch item to display the function prompt description.

V0.6.0.6 Chinese green version download: Chengtong:     ( Access code: 336307)


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