ShowKeyPlus 是一款简单、直观、便携的 Windows 产品密钥查找和验证检查器。


ShowKeyPlus 运行后会自动查找您系统当前安装的产品密钥并显示相关的信息,您可将查找结果保存到一个 TXT 文件中。




您还可以使用此软件查看存储在备份文件中的产品密钥。当您的备份中包含一个具有产品密钥的 Windows 文件夹时,这会很方便。


ShowKeyPlus 还支持在线检查验证您的产品密钥并显示验证结果,您可将数据保存到 TXT 文件以便日后分析。

支持系统:Windows 8、Windows 10(需要 .Net Framework 4.7.2 或更高版本的支持)

v1.1.15.0 版本更新:2021年5月28日

– 添加了其他语言:de、es、fr、it、nl、pt、ru、zh-Hant


1、从 v1.1.14.1 版本开始由于设计功能不兼容,Windows 7 仅限于密钥检查。

2、v1.1.15.0 版本没有 WinPE、CLI 功能,请继续使用 ShowKeyPlus v1.0.7060 版本获取这些功能。

此汉化版由 th_sjy 汉化分享

v1.1.15.0 汉化版下载:城通:32 位:    (访问密码:336307)64 位:    (访问密码:336307)

v1.0.7060 汉化版下载:城通:32 位:    (访问密码:336307)64 位:    (访问密码:336307)


Showkeyplus is a simple, intuitive and portable key finder and verifier for windows products.

View product key

After showkeyplus runs, it will automatically find the product key currently installed in your system and display relevant information. You can save the search results to a TXT file.

Hide product key

After clicking on the displayed product key, part of the key will be hidden. When using this application, if someone is around you, your privacy can be protected.

Retrieve key from backup

You can also use this software to view the product key stored in the backup file. This is convenient when your backup contains a Windows folder with a product key.

Check product key

Showkeyplus also supports online inspection and verification of your product key, and displays the verification results. You can save the data to a TXT file for later analysis.

Support system: Windows 8, windows 10 (need the support of. Net framework 4.7.2 or higher)

V1.1.15.0 update: 28 May 2021

– added other languages: De, ES, FR, it, NL, Pt, Ru, Zh hant

be careful:

1. Starting from v1.1.14.1, Windows 7 is limited to key checking due to incompatible design functions.

2. Winpe and cli functions are not available in v1.1.15.0. Please continue to use showkeyplus v1.0.7060 to obtain these functions.

This Chinese version is written by th_ Sjy Chinese sharing

V1.1.15.0 Chinese version download: Chengtong: 32-bit:     ( Access code: 336307) 64 bits:     ( Access code: 336307)

V1.0.7060 Chinese version download: Chengtong: 32-bit:     ( Access code: 336307) 64 bits:     ( Access code: 336307)


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