Total Commander (简称 TC)原名 Windows Commander,是一款著名的文件管理软件,功能与 Windows 资源管理器类似,但更为强大、方便、实用!

TC 与资源管理器的不同之处在于,它固定有两个并排的文件窗口,可分别称之为来源窗口和目标窗口,您可以在两个窗口间轻松实现对文件(夹)的操作,其方便程度是资源管理器难以比拟的!

通过 TC,您可以方便快捷地实现对文件的查看、编辑、删除、重命名、批量重命名、搜索内容、快速定位、压缩或解压、分割或合并、编码或解码、FXP/FTP 连接等操作;支持多标签界面,让原有的两个窗口可以扩展为几十个,操作更显自由;贴心的工具栏、按钮、历史和常用文件夹等设计,让您访问文件资源更方便;通过工具栏和菜单,还可以随意调用外部程序和内部命令;内置多种格式的压缩/解压功能,支持在压缩包中搜索文件及内容;它还支持正则表达式。

需要特别强调的是,TC 具有无可比拟的可扩展性。它支持自定义菜单界面、图标资源、语言文件、操作习惯,还可使用各种功能的插件。通过定制资源和使用插件,可以使之界面更美化、使用更方便、功能更强大!



支持多语言和 Unicode





内置FTP客户端,支持FXP(服务器到服务器)和 HTTP 代理


多标签界面,正则表达式,历史 + 收藏按钮



支持 Unicode 长文件名(>259个字符),FTP 密码管理器和插件,同步空文件夹,64位右键菜单,快速文件过滤器(Ctrl + S)

新:通过特殊的直接传输电缆实现 USB 端口连接,局部分支查看(Ctrl + Shift + B),多项 FTP 改进、同步和其它功能


支持系统:Windows XP、Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8/8.1、Windows 10

v10.00 版本更新:2021年6月10日


此中文绿色便携特别正式版由 th_sjy 制作分享,无需注册、无任何使用限制,并已将英文帮助文件替换为官方简体中文帮助文件便于查看。


v10.00 中文绿色便携特别正式版下载:城通:    (访问密码:336307)

v9.51 中文绿色便携特别正式版下载: 中文绿色便携特别正式版下载:

v9.22a 中文绿色便携特别正式版下载:32 位: 位:


Total Commander (TC), formerly known as windows commander, is a famous file management software. Its function is similar to that of Windows Explorer, but it is more powerful, convenient and practical!

The difference between TC and resource manager is that it has two side-by-side file windows, which can be called source window and target window respectively. You can easily operate files (clips) between the two windows, and its convenience is incomparable to resource manager!

Through TC, you can easily and quickly view, edit, delete, rename, batch rename, search content, quickly locate, compress or decompress, split or merge, encode or decode, FXP / ftp connection, etc; Support multi label interface, so that the original two windows can be expanded to dozens, the operation is more free; Considerate toolbar, button, history and common folder design make it more convenient for you to access file resources; Through the toolbar and menu, you can also call external programs and internal commands at will; Built in compression / decompression function of various formats, support to search files and contents in compressed package; It also supports regular expressions.

It should be emphasized that TC has incomparable scalability. It supports user-defined menu interface, icon resources, language files, operation habits, and plug-ins with various functions. By customizing resources and using plug-ins, we can make the interface more beautiful, more convenient and more powerful!


Double file windows display side by side

Support multilingual and Unicode

Enhanced search capabilities

Compare files (editor now) / synchronize folder

Quick view panel and bitmap display

Support zip, ARJ, lzh, rar, UC2, tar, GZ, cab, ACE and other compression + plug-ins

Built in FTP client, support FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy

Parallel port link, batch rename tool

Multi label interface, regular expression, history + collection button

Thumbnail view, custom columns, enhanced search

Comparison editor, cursor list, independent folder tree, log, enhanced overlay dialog, etc

Support for & Unicode long file names; 259 characters), FTP password manager and plug-in, synchronize empty folder, 64 bit right-click menu, fast file filter (Ctrl + s)

New: USB port connection through special direct transmission cable, local branch view (Ctrl + Shift + b), a number of FTP improvements, synchronization and other functions

More features!

Support system: Windows XP, vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, windows 10

V10.00 version update: June 10, 2021

Update log:

This Chinese green portable special official edition is issued by th_ Sjy production sharing, no registration, no restrictions on use, and has replaced the English help file with the official simplified Chinese help file for easy viewing.

After decompressing the compressed package, double-click to run "totalcmd. Exe".

V10.00 Chinese green portable special official version download: Chengtong:     ( Access code: 336307)

V9.51 Chinese green portable special official version download: Download Chinese green portable special official edition:

V9.22a Chinese green portable special official version download: 32-bit: https://th_ bit: https://th_


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